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Hiking Pins and Hiking Badges

Collecting stamps at huts and on area summits
You love to take hikes from hut to hut, up to mountain tarns and high peaks? We are of the opinion that your achievement deserves to be rewarded. Our hiking pins feature genuine gilding in parts and are handmade. Each hut, each mountain and each tour earns you a certain number of points. What do you have to do? Simply enjoy your hikes, and when you reach the hut or mountaintop, collect the official stamps and the points that go with them.

It is possible to earn the following hiking pins:

  • Hiking Pin in silver: 50 points, tours of your choosing
  • Hiking Pin in gold: 100 points, tours of your choosing
  • Touring Pin: 300 points; at least 5 peaks
  • Alpine Pin: 500 points; Required tours: Höllwand, Frauenkogel and Klingspitz; other tours of your choosing
  • High-Alpine Pin: 1,000 points; Required tours: Gamskarkogel, Draugstein, Keeskogel or Weinschnabel; other tours of your choosing
  • Silver Hiking Boot: 2,500 points; Required tours same as for the High-Alpine Pin; other tours of your choosing
  • Golden Hiking Boot: 5,000 points; Required tours same as for the Silver Hiking Boot

Please note: If a hut or a peak is reached several times, they are also counted several times. For example, your facourite mountain hut, which you visit every year.

How many points you get for your hikes:

  • Walks in the valley: 5 points
  • Mountain huts according to the brochure "Die Almen im Großarltal": 10 points
  • Peaks: 10 points
  • Theme hikes Bible Way, Way of the Cross, Sense Path: 5 points
  • Chapel Path Grossarl-Hüttschlag, Hüttschlag-valley end: 10 points
  • Mountain lakes Schödersee, Paarseen, Tappenkarsee, Lienlacke, Spiegelsee: 10 points
  • Mountain lakes "short hikes" Himmelreichsee, Schuhflickersee: 5 points
  • Crossings Arltörl, Rosskarkopfscharte, Hühnerkarsattel, Arlscharte or Arlhöhe, Schmalzscharte (at Schwarzseen), Murtörl, Karteistörl, Draugsteintörl, Filzmoossattel: 10 points

Please note: If two hiking destinations are located directly or close to each other, they are counted as 1 destination.
This applies to the following destinations: Draugsteinalmen (Schrambachhütte & Steinmannhütte), Kreealmen (Kreehütte & Bichlhütte), Gehwolfalm & Harbachhütte, Tappenkarsee & Tappenkarseealm & Tappenkarseehütte, Gamskarkogel & Bad Gasteiner Hütte.
If a summit is pretty near to the main summit, this is also conidered as one destination.

In case of doubt, the staff ot the tourist office decides.

Digital stamp pass

Aukopf with view to the Schuhflicker

You can also collect stamps digitally on your smartphone. With your digital stamp pass you can always see how many points you already have and how much more you need for the next hiking pin. If you like, you can add some pictures and a little description of the hike in the app. So you would have your personal "hiking-journal" on your smartphone.

The easy steps to your digital stamp pass:


1. Download the free app “SummitLynx”.

2. Create a new account or sign in with your Facebook account.

3. Hike and check in at the app at the mountainhuts and peaks.

4. On your smartphone you can see when you get the next hiking pin.

5. Come to the Tourist Office and get your hiking pin.


Tip: If you already have hiking points from previous years, they can be uploaded to the app in the tourist office.

Conditions for earning hiking pins

The points you earn do not expire, so you can keep accumulating them from year to year. You will find the official stamps at mountain huts and on mountaintops. Use them to stamp the prescribed pages in our brochure “Huts in Grossarltal” – this will provide proof that you completed the hikes. When you are ready, present your collection of stamps at the Grossarltal tourist office. 1 hiking pin costs € 5.50, with guest card € 3.50.
For children we also have fun buttons that are free of charge.

Hiking pin in silver and gold, Touring, Alpine and High-Alpine pins
Golden and Silver Hiking Boots

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