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Tourismusverband Großarltal

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Tour tips and hiking

for pleasure hikers, mountain hikers, and mountaineers

Pleasure hikers, mountain hikers, and mountaineers are given a warm welcome in Austria's Grossarltal. Here, against the impressive backdrop of the Hohe Tauern, you will feel closer to heaven than ever during your hikes and mountain tours. In addition to a diverse range of hiking options – from leisurely hikes across alpine pastures to summit conquests – in Grossarltal, you can also expect warm hospitality in combination with the rustic romance of mountain huts.

The Chapel Hiking Trail is a hike for body, mind, and soul. On the Salzburger Almenweg meanwhile, you embark on a long-distance hike with 31 stages through the Salzburger Pongau region. The hiking village of Grossarl and the hiking and mountaineering village of Hüttschlag clearly demonstrate their expertise in hiking matters. Here, enjoy Salzburg Alpine Summer to the fullest.

Hiking in Grossarltal
Around 400 km of marked hiking trails and about 40 staffed mountain huts await you when hiking in Grossarltal.

Hiking in Grossarltal

On approximately 400 km of marked hiking trails, leading all the way into Hohe Tauern National Park, one of Austria's six national parks, you will pass roughly 40 hill farms and mountain huts where you are invited to take a break and enjoy mouthwatering local delicacies.

By the way: Grossarltal is a proud holder of the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality. Further proof that this Valley of Mountain Huts is a great hiking area with an astonishingly wide variety of touring opportunities.

Hiking Offer

  • Easy hikes
  • Guided hikes
  • Hut hikes
  • Family hikes
  • Circular hikes
  • Lift hikes
  • Day hikes
  • Multi-day hikes
  • Mountain tours
  • Hikes to mountain lakes
  • High mountain tours
  • Rainy-weather hikes
  • Traverses to neighboring valleys
Ötzlsee im Talschluss hoch
Easy hikes

Laid-back hikers will have a marvelous time in Grossarltal. Discover the idyllic Ötzlsee, enchanting forest paths, roaring waterfalls, and much more on the easy hiking routes in, and a little above Grossarltal. These short routes are ideal for beginners or as a gentle warm-up for the rest of your hiking holiday.

Start your hiking holiday on these paths:

Gipfelsieg Gründegg
Guided hikes

Don't want to explore the mountains in Grossarltal on your own? Then hike with trained mountain and hiking guides to the mountain pastures and peaks in Grossarltal. From panoramic high-altitude hikes, challenging mountain tours and exciting fairytale hikes to educational alpine flower hikes, the variety of offers here ranges. A small extract from the offers of BERG-GESUND

A small extract from the offers of BERG-GESUND:

Gerstreitalm (2)
Hut hikes

An absolute must in this Valley of Mountain Huts is, of course, a hike up to one of those roughly 40 mountain huts. You can reach the huts via forestry roads or hiking trails through forests and alpine meadows. At the huts, you will be treated to homemade delicacies like crispy-fresh farmhouse bread, freshly churned butter, and full-flavored cheeses.

Here you can find all the mountain huts in Grossarltal.

Familienwanderung zur Unterwandalm
Family hikes

Hiking in Austria's Grossarltal is a highlight for families with children especially. Even on the routes leading to the mountain huts, little hikers discover many great play opportunities. Balance with your children on a tree trunk, marvel at the waterfall, listen to the birds and other animals in the forest, and enjoy nature to the full.

Hard-working young hikers certainly deserve a reward! In this, great playgrounds right next to the huts. Often, there are also small cats, rabbits, goats, or other animals that simply love to be petted and pampered.

Additionally, all of the huts will give you a stamp that you can use to earn hiking pins, along with stickers to put into a fun sticker book "Come with Me to the Hut."

Wasserrad (1)
Circular hikes

With a car, hiking taxi, or hiking bus, you can easily reach the most popular starting points for hiking tours. On many tours, you can connect several huts and maybe even a few mountains to create one extended hiking loop. The best part? On the descent, you will have an easy return to the original starting point of your tour.

Circular hikes from hut to hut:

Seilbahn wandern (1)
Lift hikes

Hikes in Austria are particularly famous for the spectacular mountain views they afford. In Grossarltal, enjoy views of the Hohe Tauern range, especially the amazing view of the Grossglockner. The mountain lifts carry you effortlessly to these astonishing vistas. From the top station, you have countless hiking options, from alpine paths and themed trails to full-blown summit tours.

Tips for tours starting from the mountain station of the Panoramabahn lifts:

Trögseen Almrosen
Day hikes

Want to feel the magic of hiking in the Alps for a whole day? Then set off on one of the many day hikes in Grossarltal.

Our tip: Plan enough time for breaks at beautiful viewpoints and to enjoy refreshments at mountain huts along the way.

Tappenkarsee und Tappenkarseehütte
Multi-day hikes

Long-distance hiking is becoming ever more popular in Austria, and Grossarltal offers a variety of multi-day hiking adventures. The Salzburger Almenweg, for example, leads through Grossarltal, with four of its 25 stages passing the towns of Grossarl and Hüttschlag.

Suggestions for multi-day hikes include:

Mountain tours

Seeking even higher elevations and stunning vistas of the Hohe Tauern, Dachstein, or neighboring Tyrol? In that case, the mountain tours in Grossarltal will give you just what you are looking for, ranging from mountain trails across grassy summits to challenging high-alpine treks.

Discover these summits:

Hikes to mountain lakes

The mighty peaks of the Hohe Tauern reflect in the crystal-clear waters of the mountain lake as you slip off your hiking boots to extend your feet into the cool water. Austria's wealth of water is best discovered through hikes to its waterfalls and mountain lakes. These are truly special places, essential to any hiking holiday in Austria.

Hikes to idyllic mountain lakes:

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Schild
High mountain tours

Grossarltal satisfies both beginners as well as seasoned mountaineers with its broad selection of high mountain tours. For safety, a guided tour with a local mountain guide is recommended to ensure your safety during the hikes up and back down.

The most impressive high mountain tours:

Christliche Wanddekoration (1)
Rainy-weather hiking routes

Even in bad weather, many mountain huts are readily accessible. The easiest way to reach them is via the forest roads. When it rains, there's nothing quite as cozy as a warming fire inside the rustic parlor of a traditional mountain hut.

These hikes are also possible in rainy weather:

Aufstieg beim Wandern
Valley traverses to neighboring valleys

The numerous valleys of the Hohe Tauern make hiking in Salzburg province a truly special experience. On longer tours, you can even reach neighboring valleys. Keep in mind that you'll need to cover several kilometers and usually require public transportation or a car to return to Grossarltal.

Examples of valley crossings:

Trail signage

The hiking trails in Grossarltal are made even safer thanks to the signs. To help hikers and mountain bikers better orient themselves and reach their destinations safely and effortlessly, all trails in Grossarltal were newly signposted in the summer of 2006. In addition to the hiking destination and difficulty level, the yellow hiking boards and location signs now also provide information about walking times and GPS data. Furthermore, info boards have been set up at several trailheads. Along the hiking trails, simply follow the red-white-red markings.

Kinder bei den Streicheltieren
Hiking with children

Need to motivate your child to explore the Valley of Mountain Huts? There are great options available. From collecting stamps and playful hiking to a sticker booklet "On the Alm."

For more tips on hiking with children, visit our website.

Tour suggestions

Hiking in Grossarltal



Mountain Hike

15,49 km

07:30 h

1210 hm

2465 m

Grossarl: Alpentaverne - Zapfenhütte


Hiking route

1,16 km

00:30 h

54 hm

1320 m



Hiking route

5,82 km

01:15 h

260 hm

2033 m

3 days hike in Hüttschlag


Long-Distance Hiking

21,51 km

10:30 h

1912 hm

1913 hm

2173 m

Hüttschlag: Vorderkaseralm - Rosskarkopfscharte - Reitalm


Mountain Hike

12,34 km

05:45 h

840 hm

850 hm

2185 m

3-days Hut-tour | day 3


Long-Distance Hiking

12,45 km

05:00 h

370 hm

1022 hm

2168 m

Ski Amadé
Salzburger Land
Nationalpark Hohe Tauern