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Tourismusverband Großarltal

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Theme trails

experiencing nature consciously

Hike from chapel to chapel and find peace along the way. Engage all your senses at the various stations of the Trail of the Senses and learn all kinds of fascinating new facts on educational nature trails. The theme trails in Grossarltal are also perfect simply for “recharging your batteries”.

Wolfaukapelle mit Wanderer
Chapel Hiking Trail

Hiking the Chapel Trail is holistic fitness for body, mind, and soul. Starting from the parish church in Grossarl, the pilgrimage path leads towards Hüttschlag and continues to the valley head (about 17 km in total).

The trail from the church in Grossarl towards Hüttschlag passes Laireiting, Bichl, Figler, Griesbichl, Neuhof, and Schappach chapels, then reaches the church in Hüttschlag. Continuing towards the valley head, you'll make your way by the Wolfau, Karteis, Maurach, and Hubertus chapels, concluding at Pertill Chapel at the Hüttschlag valley head. The Chapel Trail is approximately 17.5 km long.

Bibelweg (1)
Hüttschlag Bible Trail

At the end of Grossarltal, at the Hüttschlag valley head, a truly extraordinary Bible Trail has been created. It is a beautiful walk featuring various stations from the Old and New Testaments.

This Way of the Cross, painted in the 18th century by Josef von Führich, is amongst the most renowned worldwide. The Bible Trail culminates at the life-sized Calvary. Display cases in the huts contain Bible stories about Adam and Eve in Paradise, Abraham and Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and David.

Kreuzweg (2)
Way of the Cross

In the forest of a part of Grossarl known as Au, Georg Gruber ("Maurer Schorsch") meticulously and skillfully built a Way of the Cross. This place is a unique spot of power and tranquility and is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Grossarltal.

It consists of the Hubertus Chapel, the actual Way of the Cross with 5 small "chapels," each depicting three stations of Jesus' journey to crucifixion, and a Nativity display featuring an alpine landscape.

Sinnesweg Kräutersalettl
Grossarl Trail of the Senses

The "Grossarl Trail of the Senses" loop near the Gehwolfalm is based on the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each station represents an element and its corresponding sensory organ, offering interactive experiences for all visitors, both young and old. Take a moment to fully engage with and appreciate this sensory journey.

For more information about the Grossarl Trail of the Senses, we invite you to visit the Gehwolfalm website.

Tour description

Lehrpfad Modereggalm
Theme Trail "To the Alm"

On the way to Modereggalm, you will discover the scenic theme trail "To the Alm." Along the path, you will find information boards on both sides, discussing the topic of "togetherness" and harmony with nature.

Sustainable farming methods, with the help of natural resources, have created a wide variety of habitats for animals, plants, and people. This hike enlightens you about the need to treat nature with care and the importance of alpine pastures for the preservation of cultural landscapes.

Tour description

Naturlehrpfad Schödertal
Nature Trail in Schödertal

The Nature Trail starts from the Hüttschlag valley head (Gasthof Talwirt), passes by the Kreealm waterfall, and continues into Schödertal. Approximately 50 display boards provide insights into the natural history, folk medicine, and history of Grossarltal.

Learn more about Schödertal in Grossarltal here.

Time required for the Nature Trail: about 2 hours as far as Schödersee.

Tour description

Bergsteiger Hüttschlag
On the Trail of the Copper Spirit

Families, this is for you – there is actually a puzzle hike in Hüttschlag, in search of the Copper Spirit. Hüttschlag thrived for centuries on copper mining. Legends still recount the copper of Hüttschlag, especially the Copper Spirit, known for haunting the nights and roaming through what was once the largest mining town in Salzburg province. The Trail of the Copper Spirit leads you through Hüttschlag as you learn all about the town's rich history of copper mining.

To embark on this historical puzzle hike, you will first need a brochure with all the essential details about copper mining in Hüttschlag, a map showing the individual stations, and a puzzle booklet. All of these materials are available from the Grossarltal Tourist Office.

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