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Tourismusverband Großarltal

+43 6414 281info@grossarltal.info

Hiking Maps

of Grossarltal

The hiking map by Athesia Buch GmbH - geomarketing, scale 1:35,000, is your reliable guide for reaching your destination. This map features all the hiking trails, alpine huts, mountains, and valley crossings accessible from Grossarltal. It also indicates the cycling and mountain biking routes, as well as ski tours in Grossarl and Hüttschlag.

Hiking map of Grossarltal
To keep your bearings

On the reverse side of the hiking map, you'll find panoramic images of Grossarltal for easier navigation. You can purchase this map for €6.50 at the Grossarltal Tourist Office. If you have a Grossarltal Guest Card, you'll even enjoy a discounted price of €4.50.

We are also happy to send it to you in the post to help you plan your holidays better.

Interactive Hiking & Biking Map

You'll find a wide range of suggestions for hiking, mountain climbing, or mountain biking on our online Touring Portal. Explore the astonishing diversity of the Valley of Mountain Huts and plan your individual treks and mountain bike routes interactively. You also have the option to print out your chosen tours beforehand or download the GPS data for easy navigation.

Find the right tour in the

Tour portal of Grossarltal

Hüttschlag: Hühnerkaralm


Hiking route

10,83 km

04:30 h

660 hm

1700 m

Hüttschlag: Schödersee


Hiking route

11,24 km

03:45 h

401 hm

1440 m

3 days hike Gerstreitalm on to the Filzmoosalm


Long-Distance Hiking

34,67 km

13:45 h

2006 hm

2007 hm

2180 m

Hüttschlag: Hirschgrubenalm - Aschlreitalm


Hiking route

8,45 km

03:30 h

584 hm

585 hm

1785 m

3-days Hut-tour | day 1


Long-Distance Hiking

10,91 km

06:00 h

1273 hm

787 hm

2204 m

4-day hike from Grossarl to Hüttschlag


Long-Distance Hiking

47,77 km

21:30 h

3643 hm

3487 hm

2467 m

Ski Amadé
Salzburger Land
Nationalpark Hohe Tauern