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Cross-country skiing in Grossarltal - Salzburgerland
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Singletrail Grossarltal
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Last update: 15.10.2019 20:25

Panoramabahn I & 6 chairlift Harbach:

28.05. to 30.06.2019

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

02.07. to 29.09.2019

daily (except Monday)

01.10. to 03.11.2019

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Continuously from 09.00 am to 04.30 pm

The Singletrail Grossarltal is closed

If it rains in the morning, the lift operation is cancelled for that day - without replacement.

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Cross-Country Skiing in Grossarltal
Cross-Country Skiing
You can enjoy cross-country skiing on around 25 km of tracked trails in Grossarl and Hüttschlag. For the most part, the trails in our region are tracked for classic as well as “skating” technique.

If the snowfall is ever not as abundant as we would like, Grossarltal has a solution: About 2 hectares of the trail at the “Reitwiese” in Grossarl also have snowmaking capability, providing both beautiful XC loops as well as an ideal practice area for beginners, advanced skiers as well as the up-and-coming cross-country stars of tomorrow.
Grossarl Loipe
Cross-country skiing in Grossarl

You can get your cross-country enjoyment underway right here in Grossarl. Without any climbs to talk of, this XC trail leads from Grossarl to Kösslerhäusl heritage museum, and then all the way to Hüttschlag.

Your starting point is the “Reitwiese”. The trail runs alongside the stream in the direction of Hüttschlag, to the Kösslerhäusl. This section allows you to use both classic and skating techniques. After the Kösslerhäusl comes a somewhat steeper section, also used by pedestrians, taking you over the Oflek. Afterwards, the trail offers an enjoyable skiing experience next to the stream to Hüttschlag. If you then walk about 300 meters, you will come to the Hüttschlag trail. Return via the same route. 

Cross-country skiers looking for more of a challenge prefer the Reitwiese. It is a loop, about 2 km in length, a combination of climbs that will appeal to more experienced skiers along with flatter segments. Here, the kids will also find an obstacle course where they can work on their cross-country skills.

Hüttschlag Loipe
Cross-country skiing in Hüttschlag

The Hüttschlag Loipe begins just beyond the town center of Hüttschlag. Without any climbs of note, it takes you into the valley to Wolfau (classic technique only). After the sports grounds, you will cross the road and make your way uphill to Karteisdörfl. Now comes a downhill run and a flatter section, before you reach the trails around the Aschaustüberl

With practically no climbs along the way, you will ski towards the valley head in Hüttschlag. The trail takes you in a big loop past Stockham Farm – and you continue uphill. A downhill section then brings you towards the mouth of the valley. Return via the same trail.

You will find a number of loops next to the Aschaustüberl, with various options to choose from. Ambitious skiers will use skating technique to tackle a steep climb, skiing back down through a series of switchbacks, while more laid-back skiers will probably prefer the trail directly next to the stream. The kids always love the cross-country obstacle course.

Cross-country ski trails
Night Trails
Floodlit cross-country trail

In Grossarl as well as Hüttschlag, there are cross-country trails lit up after dark on certain days. The ca. 2,5 km-long night trail in Grossarl is at the Reitwiese, open to skiers Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 until 8:30 p.m. 

In Hüttschlag, there is a ca. 3 km-long floodlit trail next to the Aschaustüberl. This is available to all skiers on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 6 and 8:30 p.m.

Cross-Country Trail Fees in Grossarltal
DaysAdults / with
night trail 
Children / with
night trail

1 day

€ 3.00 / € 4.00 € 1.50 / 2.00

1 week

€ 15.00 / € 20.00 € 7.50 / € 10.00
Cross-Country Lessons
Learn and improve cross-country technique

Would you like to learn how to cross-country ski? Or simply improve your skating, cruising or classic skiing technique? If so, experienced XC trainers are available both in Grossarl and Hüttschlag to help you.

Incidentally: For course participants, use of the cross-country trail is free of charge for the duration of instruction at either cross-country school.

Silvester Hettegger Cross-Country School
Schied 76 | 5611 Großarl
Tel.: +43 (0) 6414 / 8788 or
+43 (0) 664 / 2414884

Here, you can not only learn basic technique, you also have the opportunity to perfect the skills you already have. We recommend a 3-day course of 2 hours per day.
Prices for Cross-Country Courses

1 day 2 hrs./day

€ 42.00

2 days 2 hrs./day

€ 56.00

3 days 2 hrs./day

€ 70.00

Private lesson for 1 person

€ 40.00

Each additional person

€ 10.00

Private instructor for 1 day/4 hrs.

€ 160.00

Each additional person

€ 10.00

Single- and multi-day courses require minimum participation of 3 people. Individual pricing can be arranged for smaller groups.

DYNERCROSS Cross-Country School
Hüttschlag 161 | 5612 Hüttschlag
Tel.: +43 (0) 664 / 4643538

At this school led by Stefan Rohrmoser (state-certified cross-country instructor), located at the valley head in Hüttschlag, you can learn classic, skating and cruising technique. Cross-country classes are offered for all abilities. You can also rent all your equipment from the school itself. 

We recommend a sampler course, then more lessons can be arranged. 3-day courses and group courses are possible with at least 4 people.
Prices for Cross-Country Courses

Sampler lesson incl. equipment

€ 60.00

Each additional person

€ 20.00

Private lesson

€ 55.00

Each additional person

€ 12.00

3-day course (beginners)/2 hrs. per day

€ 75.00

Additional information and registration: +43 (0) 664 / 4643538 or e-mail

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