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Fishing and Angling in the Grossarler Ache and the Ötzlsee

Fly fishing in Ötzlsee lake

The valley head of Grossarltal is the home to some of the most beautiful fishing waters in all of Salzburg province. The clear mountain water coming from Schödertal and the Keeskogel glacier provides an outstanding habitat for native fish.

As you fish in Grossarltal, you will discover stretches of tranquilly flowing river, large pools, rapids, rocky undertows and gravel banks, surrounded by lush meadows and alpine pastures.

Grossarltal, with its unique valley head in Hüttschlag, is an Eldorado for hobby anglers and sports fishermen. Crystal-clear water, intact nature and exceptional fish populations invite you to put your luck to the test with a fishing rod.

Fishing in the Valley of Mountain Huts

Fly-Fishing Regulations

  • Fishing Areas: Area A: Grossarler Ache from Grossarl to Hüttschlag (ca. 8 km) 
    Area B: Grossarler Ache from Hüttschlag to the valley head (ca. 17 km), incl. Ötzlsee (ca. 2 ha)
  • Populations: Area A: brook trout and grayling
    Area B: brook trout and arctic char
  • Fishing gear and bait: Areas A and B: fly rod with wet or dry flies or nymphs, single or barbless hooks.
  • Restrictions: Areas A & B: catch & release only.
  • Miscellaneous: Fishing is only allowed during daylight. At the Ötzlsee, you may only fish from the shore. Boats are prohibited. The fishing license is issued to a single person and may not be transferred. The license is only issued with a valid Grossarltal guest card. Fishing season is from 1 May until 30 September. The entire area is catch and release, fly only.

Grossarler Ache Fishing Waters

Valley head

Area A extends from the museum Kösslerhäusl downriver along the Grossarler Ache to the end of the fishing area defined by Aubrücke bridge. It is 8 km long and follows the Grossarler Ache. You are also permitted to fish at the mouth of various side streams as they flow from our alpine valleys into the main river. The water flows slowly in some parts, rapidly in others, while the width of the river varies between 3 and 14 meters. The main fish population is mountain brook trout, though you will find isolated grayling and char.

Area B extends from the museum Kösslerhäusl to the valley head, and also includes the Ötzlsee. The Ötzlsee is around 1 ha in area and only reachable on foot. The stretch along the Grossarler Ache is around 17 km long. The primary fish population of Area B consists of brook trout, brook char, lake char, lake trout and occasional grayling

Fishing Permits

Fishing permits for both areas (A and B) are available from Grossarltal Tourist Office. Please note that fishing permits are only issued to guests with a valid Grossarltal Guest Card.


  • 1-day permit: € 60.00
  • 2-day permit: € 115.00
  • 3-day permit: € 170.00
  • 4-day permit: € 200.00
  • 5-day permit: € 240.00
  • 6-day permit: € 290.00

Fishing Packages

Fishing packages are offered at the following hotels with their own access to fishing waters:

Fishing in the Energie AG fishing waters

Brook trout

Yet another opportunity for fishing presents itself along the Grossarler Ache, from Aubrücke bridge to the river estuary at the Salzach. This area is ideal for hobby anglers.

The fishing waters are diverse –from quick-flowing mountain streams with small rapids, to tranquil sections near the entrance to, and exit from Liechtensteinklamm. Permissible equipment in this area includes 1 rod with barbless hook. Live bait and worms are prohibited. Fishing is only allowed between sunrise and sunset.

You may catch 3 salmonids. A day permit costs € 24.00, plus € 7.00 for a state license. Fishing permits can also be obtained from Grossarltal Tourist Office.

Fishing at the Hoamalm

Fishing pond at the Hoamalm

In the fishing pond at the Hoamalm swim brook trout, rainbow trout and brook char. You can fish either with your own rod or borrow one for free at the Hoamalm. You can also have your fish smoked for you at the Hoamalm.

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