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Summit cross on the Keeskogel in Hüttschlag
Ski amadé
Tuesday 2°C
Wednesday 5°C
Thursday 6°C
Open ski pistes
Open lifts and cable cars
Last update: 04.11.2018 16:01
The pistes are closed from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m.
Skiing, boarding and walking on the pistes during this time is prohibited! Failure to comply with this prohibition will release the lift operator from all liability.

30.11.2018 until 02.02.2019

08.45 to 16.00

03.02.2019 until 30.03.2019

08.45 to 16.15

31.03.2019 until 22.04.2019

08.45 to 16.15

The summer season 2018 is over.
Thank you very much for your visit!

Start ski operation: 30.11.2018 (depending on snow conditions)

Mountain huts in the Großarltal
Open mountain huts
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Holiday happiness for all seasons
BERG-GESUND in the Valley of Mountain Huts
Yoga tour with BERG-GESUND
The BERG-GESUND association in Grossarltal has created an attractive selection of hikes, alpine tours and climbing adventures. During the summer, they offer different guided tours with state-certified hiking and mountain guides every week. From leisurely hikes to challenging high-alpine expeditions, you will find practically whatever you could wish for. The summer program runs from May until October. 

Whatever the tour, the focus is always on intensive mountain experiences enjoyed with all 5 senses. Demanding hikes from summit to summit are on the program, as are activities amid the open countryside designed to slow down the pace of your life, including yoga, hang gliding and  climbing. Best of all: For guests of member businesses, these tours are free of charge.
Summer Tours from BERG-GESUND
  • The program of “Deceleration Days” is all about feeling one with yourself and nature. Aside from hiking itself, they focus on nature, plants, and eating healthy. Essentially an “all-day escape” enjoyed in the mountains.
  • Yoga Hikes aim to restore harmony between body, mind and soul amid the glorious alpine pastures of Grossarltal.
  • Hike & Fly – Hike up the mountains, then glide back down. Experienced hang-glider pilots know the very best locations in Grossarltal and will accompany you on your adventure.
  • Challenging mountaineering tours promise a real challenge. These include guided tours of the Keeskogel (2,884 m) as well as the Weinschnabel (2,757 m), and even a full circumnavigation of Grossarltal in 10 different stages.
  • Out on a via ferrata tour, rookie climbers have an opportunity to safely climb up rocky cliff faces. More experienced “rock jocks” might choose the “Kupfergeist” via ferrata, or the “Franzl” up through the Hüttschlager Wand.
  • Grow with the challenge while you climb on the rock - no matter if you are novice or professional climber.
  • Get ready for hiking and mountain tours at the "Fitness" hiking tour.
Hiking and Mountaineering Program from BERG-GESUND
Monday – "Fitness" hiking tour 15.05.-22.10.2018
"Fit-for-the-mountain" hiking tour with BERG-GESUND

Hiking tours are sometimes a real challenge for untrained hikers. With the right preparation you can arrange for yourself that the hiking tours get a pleasure. You hike very quickly together with Andreas Viehhauser (private trainer, nutrition expert and athletics coach). Some exercises get your circulation going. You stop 3 times for these exercises which you can easily do at home - preparing yourself for the next hiking holidays.

The hike meets at 10 a.m. at the "Aktiv" assembly point. You will return at about 12 a.m. This hike is suitable for ages 10 and up, a maximum of 10 participants. Please come equipped with hiking gear including lightwight hiking shoes and drinks. Tour only in German.

Monday – Deceleration Day in the Mountains 02.07.-10.09.2018
“Deceleration Day” with BERG-GESUND

On this hike, you will get to enjoy a stress-free walk in the mountains accompanied by guide and nutrition counselor Fritz Reisenauer. During this leisurely hike, you will pay attention to the plants and animals that live on the high pastures. Yet another focus will be healthy nutrition.

Participants meet at 9 a.m. at the “Aktiv” assembly point, returning at around 3 p.m. Difficulty is easy to moderate, while the hike is suitable for ages 10 and up. Hiking equipment, including lightweight hiking shoes, rain gear and a drinks bottle, are required. A maximum of 10 participants.

Tuesday – Via Ferrata and Intro to Rock Climbing 15.05.-23.10.2018
Sampler rock-climbing with BERG-GESUND

With the help of a state-certified mountain guide, an opportunity to enjoy your first rock-climbing experiences: on the Gletschergoass via ferrata in Hüttschlag. 3 additional via ferrata climbs (“Kupfergeist” and “Franzl” in Hüttschlag, “Bella Casinaia” on the Saukarkopf) are also available for more experienced climbers.

Meets 9 a.m. at the hiking information signs in Hüttschlag, returning at about 12 p.m. Moderate difficulty, ages 12 and older. Clothing appropriate for outdoor sports, good hiking shoes or trainers, drinks and a full set of via ferrata equipment are required. A maximum 6 participants.

Tuesday – Yoga Hike 15.05.-23.10.2018
Yoga Hike with BERG-GESUND

Restore harmony to body, mind and soul during this yoga hike. Thomas Andexer, an experienced yoga coach and shiatsu practitioner, will show you different yoga exercises during this relaxing hike.

The yoga hike is suitable for ages 8 and up, while difficulty is easy to moderate. No prior yoga experience is required. Please bring your own hiking clothes, hiking shoes and drinks. A maximum of 8 participants. Tour only in German.

Tuesday - Hike & Fly Hang-Gliding Tour (tandem) 03.07.-11.09.2018
Hang-gliding tour with BERG-GESUND

Hike up the mountain or go up by taxi or cable cars and fly back down. Peter Hafner, a trained hiking guide and experienced hang-gliding pilot, will accompany you on a hike lasting from 1 to 3 hours. Afterwards, you will fly back with him by hang glider. Meets 9 a.m. at the “Aktiv” assembly point, returning at around 1 p.m. The tour can be postponed if the weather is bad.

This tour is moderately difficulty and suitable for ages 12 and up. Experienced pilots are also welcome to join up with the Hike & Fly tour: simply call Peter Hafner (Tel.: +43 (0) 664 / 400 66 37). Obtaining required hang-gliding permits is the responsibility of each participant. For members of Berg-Gesund establishments, the tandem flights cost € 75.00, otherwise the fee is € 180.00. Tour only in German.

Wednesday – Challenging Mountain Tour 04.07.-12.09.2018
Glingspitze (Klingspitz)

In 7 challenging stages, you will circumnavigate Grossarltal. Even for experienced mountaineers with the necessary physical stamina, these tours are a true challenge. Meeting points and times will be provided by BERG-GESUND. A maximum of 8 participants, for ages 12 and up. Tour sometimes only in German.

Thursday – Alpine Flower Hike 31.05.-09.08.2018

During this hike, your hiking guide Edi Huttegger will explain fascinating facts about native flowers and plants. Meets 9 a.m. at the “Aktiv” assembly point, returning at around 1 p.m. The tour is suitable for ages 10 and up, while difficulty is moderate. Please come equipped with appropriate hiking gear, good hiking shoes, protection against the rain, drinks and snacks. A maximum of 12 participants. Tour only in German.

Thursday – Rock climbing 17.05.-25.10.2018
Rock climbing with BERG-GESUND
You climb on the rock with Peter Gamsjäger. At this tour you can learn how to climb on the rocks - no matter if you are a novice or an experienced climber.

Meets at 9 a.m. at Auto Gschwandtl, returning at around 12 a.m. The tour is suitable for ages 10 and up, a maximum of 6 participants. Please come equipped with appropriate sports gear, sport shoes and drinks. You can rent the climbing equipment directly at Peter Gamsjäger.
Friday – Round trips 15.06.-14.09.2018

At these round trips Monika Höllwart is your guide. You hike the Tappenkarseerunde or the Saukarkopf-Runde. Meeting points and times will be provided by BERG-GESUND. A maximum of 8 participants, for ages 12 and up.

Friday – Challenging mountaineering tour 06.07.-14.09.2018
The next stage of the 7 circle-stages around the Grossarl Valley takes place on Friday. Meeting point and requirements based on information provided by Berg-Gesund. A maximum of 8 participants, for ages 12 and up. Tour sometimes only in German.
Performance Guarantee and Special Aspects of Tours

Tours are led by outstandingly trained, certified hiking guides and state-certified mountain guides. All activities will be offered to groups as few as 1 person. Participants must register at least 1 day in advance. Tours take place in (almost) all weather conditions. In order to guarantee the highest level of quality and safety, the number of participants is limited. All hiking and mountaineering activities are free to guests of BERG-GESUND member businesses (with the exception of tandem flights, transfers, equipment rental, hut refreshments). All other guests are welcome to participate in all activities for a moderate fee ranging from € 30 to € 50. Necessary equipment (for example, via ferrata climbing gear) can be booked when you register online and will be provided for a small rental charge. Out of consideration for other participants, dogs are not permitted on hikes and other tours. Transfers to starting points are by public transportation or hiking bus. There is one assembly point in Grossarl and one in Hüttschlag. Please register with BERG-GESUND directly.

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