Großarltal Tourist Office, in Salzburg, Austria
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Sat. & Sun.: Cable cars inm the valley: 08.30 a.m. til 04.00 p.m. | Cable cars on the top: 08.45 a.m. til 04.00 p.m.

Mon - Fri.: Cable cars inm the valley: 08.30 a.m. til 03.00 p.m. | Cable cars on the top: 08.45 a.m. til 03.00 p.m.

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Grossarl in winter

The town of Grossarl (elev. 924 m) is the main community in Grossarltal, located essentially in the middle of the valley. Grossarl extends from the “Stegenwacht” to the village of Hüttschlag. It covers an area of 129.25 km². Aside from numerous mountain huts that greet visitors in summer, along with a ski area that extends to neighboring Gastein Valley, Grossarl also boasts an unusually large number of 4-star hotels.

Facts & Figures

Grossarl Facts & Figures


Town elevation

924 m

Highest point

Frauenkogel (2,424 m)



Guest beds

Sightseeing Attractions in Grossarl
History of Grossarl

Ca. 930 BC

According to legend, the first people settled a talus in the valley.


The Salzburg church took control of this gigantic area of forest and grazing lands.

12th cent.

At the beginning of this century, "Großschwaigen" (farming estates) were founded.


Many farms were depopulated due to a plague that raged the land, subsequently falling into decay. Economic development as a whole suffered as a result of this catastrophe.

1399 Archbishop Gregory granted his subjects in “der grossen Arl” a market charter allowing for five open markets annually for the trade of cattle, cheese, grain and other products.

15th to 17th cent.

The small hamlet which surrounded the church developed into a considerable church and market village, subject to jurisdiction from Werfen. The heyday of mining brought a major boom to the economy, during which time magnificent houses belonging to merchants and craftsmen were built on the village square (cobblers, tailors, weavers, ironsmiths, carpenters...). The oldest grocery store and a tavern were presumably also opened in ca. 1320.

1672 An autonomous regional court is established in Grossarl.
1731/1732 due to the expulsion of the Protestants (all of whom were driven out of the country at the order of the prince-archbishop), 551 people depart the community bound for Eastern Prussia, leaving most of their property behind.
1802 Secularization (secular rulers took control of church possessions) and agrarian reforms inflicted even greater suffering and further reduced the valley’s population .
1910 First official mention of the “Grossarl Beautification Society”
1926/1927 Cosntruction of the first open-air pool
1948 Founding of the first tourist office
from 1960 Increased access to transportation arteries, motorization and technology resulted in a drain on agriculture. Tourism, initially promoted through private initiatives, brought an economic upturn, though also major challenges for local government (schools, roads, zoning, sewage system, sporting facilities,...)

Grossarl received its official market charter on 17 June.

1967 The Grossarl Lift Company was formed and the first lift built.

The Grossarl Lift Company and the lifts in Dorfgastein joined forces – resulting in the founding of the Grossarl-Dorfgastein ski alliance. Major leap forward in the tourism sector, accompanied by an upturn for other parts of the economy as well. The entire Grossarl community benefited from these developments.


The outdoor pool opened at its current location.

1986 Founding of the Grossarl Tourist Office
1988 Publication of the first joint (summer) brochure with Hüttschlag and beginning of increased business cooperation within the valley
1990 Construction of the Grossarltal “Panorama Lift”
1997 Founding of the Grossarltal Tourist Office and tourism integration of Grossarl and Hüttschlag.
2001 Grossarltal joins Ski amadé
2010 Construction of the sports & recreation center
Grossarl in summer
Grossarl in winter

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