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RC plane taking off at the Bichlalm
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The pistes are closed from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m.
Skiing, boarding and walking on the pistes during this time is prohibited! Failure to comply with this prohibition will release the lift operator from all liability.

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08.45 to 16.15

All slopes are prepared very well down to the valley. The ski connection in the Gasteinertal is open. All cable cars and lifts are open.

You can find the current operations here.

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Flying model planes in Grossarl
Flying model planes
Where normally you would see golden eagles and paragliders circling overhead, you might also catch sight of imposing remote-control planes patrolling the skies. With wingspans of as much as 7 meters, these impressive models barely differ from their full-size prototypes in terms of form and functionality.
Airfields for R/C planes
Natur-Platzl N 47.227161 / E 13.161179
RC at the Natur Platzl

The first and probably most beautiful airfield for R/C planes is the so-called “Natur Platzl “, located at an elevation of 1900 m, just above the mountain station of the Panorama Lift. Here, it is possible to fly in a S / SE to S / SW direction. Even with little wind and lots of sun, flying is always a success, as it is when there are circulating air currents. Models with wingspans up to 7 meters are recommended.


You can reach the “Natur Platzl” using the Grossarltal Panorama Lift: the gondolas are able to transport packaged items as much as 2 meters in length. By arrangement with the Grossarl Lift Company, larger models can also be transported using a freight lift. Once at the mountain station, you will need to walk gently uphill in the direction of the Kreuzkogel for about 15 minutes. After covering around 400 m, you will find the Natur-Platzl to your left. The ca. 30 m-wide hillside there is an ideal take-off point, while your 20 m x 40 m landing zone is right next-door on the ski piste. The surface of this piste is even and free of stones, and the grass is always kept short in summer.

Bichlalm N 47.211416 / E 13.224851

At the Bichlalm (elev. 1,731 m), it is possible to fly S / SW to W. Models with a maximum wingspan of around 4.5 m are recommended.


You can reach the Bichlalm either on foot (ca. 1 ½ h) or by taxi. Before flying, please ask the hut staff for a permit. There is a charge of € 6.00. You will take off from a big field just south of the hut. Only the mown, open areas can be used. The field is free of stones or trees, making it outstandingly suited for take-offs and landings.

Hoamalm N 47.274847 / E 13.224588

At the Hoamalm (elev. 1,060 m), it is possible to fly NW / N to NE. Models with a wingspan up to 4.5 m are recommended.

The airfield at the Hoamalm can be reached by car. You will drive past the sign for the Hoamalm and, after 500 m, turn right onto the supply lane leading to the Saukaralm. From the gate, continue right in a westerly direction and, in about 5 minutes, you will reach the airfield. Next to the meadows at the bottom of the hillside, you will see a small, new wooden hut. This is the Hoamalm, whose owners operate the airfield for visitors. They do not charge a usage fee, but making a refreshment stop at the Hoamalm is suggested in order to show your appreciation.

Loosbühelalm N 47.227918 / E 13.285569
At the Loosbühelalm (elev. 1,769 m), it is possible to fly W / NW. Models with a wingspan up to 4.5 m are recommended.

You can reach the airfield at the Loosbühelalm by car. It is situated approx. 200 m before you come to the mountain hut, at the small parking space. There is a charge of € 10.00 but you get a voucher for consumption on the Loosbühelalm of € 10.00 - so flying is actually for free.
Flying Information

Please stay well away from the hiking paths. You may only fly on mown areas, so please restrict yourself to those. Be aware of grazing animals! Land and cattle owners accept no liability for potential damage caused by grazing cattle. Please obey all instructions given to you by the land owners. Landing fields can only be used by pilots with valid liability insurance. Always carry your insurance card with you and present it for inspection as needed. The pilot is solely responsible for all damages resulting from operation of model planes.

RC Rally

Jürgen Witt is a passionate R/C pilot in his own right and in 2018 the Tourismusverband Grossarltal will once again be organizing a rally for R/C pilots. Jürgen Witt is responsible for taking care of the technical and aviation aspects of this event. 

Most of the flying during this rally will take place next to the mountain station of the Grossarltal Panorama Lift. Aviators with their equipment, along with visitors, enjoy a gondola ride lasting about 15 minutes up to a panoramic plateau at around 1900 m above sea level (fare for the round-trip lift ride is € 21.00 - with Guest Card Grossarltal € 18.00).

You can take off from this plateau – depending on wind and weather conditions – in all directions. Simply find the take-off site that best meets the needs of your model. Don’t be surprised if you end up sharing the thermals with alpine choughs, or perhaps birds of prey such as buzzards and even young golden eagle. 

Serving as base camp for R/C pilots is Hotel Gratz. Though of course, you can also book accommodations wherever you please. 

For active R/C participants from 22.09.-29.09.2018, registration is required by 31 August 2017 through the tourist office, since participation is limited to 20 active pilots. The registration fee is € 50.00 (for various transfers etc.). Interested spectators are always welcome to attend the event, of course, with no registration required.

Flying model planes at Bichlalm
Flying model planes at Bichlalm

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