Family holiday in Grossarl Valley - Summer holiday in Salzburg, Austria
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Family trekking in the Valley of the Alms

Multiple-day tours for the whole family

Hiking shoes for kids

3-day trekking tour with stages suited to children and 2 overnight stays in a mountain hut.

The family trekking tour "Alpenfloh" in the Grossarl Valley is not difficult. Quite the opposite, children from age four onwards easily manage two to four hours along gentle, marked alpine footpaths. It needs bit of courage from Mum and Dad to try something unusual, to do without much comfort and careful planning so as to be able to stay in an adventurous mountain hut. Then off you go with kids and all you need on your back: three day's walking from farm hut to hut on high alpine paths between 1,300 and 2,200 in altitude with beautiful views.

Children find the mountain farm huts pure paradise: alpine meadows, springs, small woods and lots of animals, from the house pig and the cows to the sheep, horses and goats. There are plenty of sweet dreams until the dog "Wastl" gets everyone up out of bed with his barking - a new day has begun!

Children having fun on the alm

The family trekking tour "Alpenfloh" is planned so that a descent into the valley is possible at any time - so have no fear of unexpected problems!

Hiking break In the hiking breaks and due to the stages suited to children, there's plenty of time to collect berries and mushrooms, for building root houses, playing, resting, observing and listening: the marmots whistling, the springs gurgling, eagles circling up above, cheeky jackdaws snatching every breadcrumb and maybe even a deer or chamois running into view.

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